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Product Developer

Senior UX/UI Designer

Simon Brohus

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Why work with me?

Are you interested in hearing what it is like to work with me? Well, here is a selection of some of my clients' quotes

"Thanks a lot for a good cooperation. We greatly appreciate your efforts in designing a good user experience in the Expert Room and in creating new designs for"​

Microscope design

Gitte Engkjær

Marketing Manager, TAGARNO

"With Simons fully functional prototype and coding skills we accelerated our project timeline and eliminated any potential miscommunication between design and development."​

Restaurant design

Simon Andresen ​

Founder, Barma​

"I give my highest recommendation for Simon, based on our collaboration on new app design developed for and for Jørgen Hansen Biler A/S. Simon's expertise in user experience has been essential to the development of our app design."

Car design

Mette Berg​

Marketing Manager, Jørgen Hansen​

"I'm excited to recommend Simon, a UX designer with a remarkable expertise in prototyping. This man knows his shit. You can be sure that what you get is top class and this is not the last time I will work with him, period!"​

AI design

Peter Christiansen​

Engineer, TheAILab​

"One thing is for sure, Simon loves his coffee and loves to nerd around with developers like me. It was a pleasure working with Simon, and his contributions played a significant role in our project's success."

Software design

Aksel Jensen​

System Architect, Tunstall A/S​

"If you're in search of a UX designer who can provide a complete design handover, from concept to implementation, Simon is the person you need. Working with him was a delight, and the results were nothing short of outstanding."​

App design - Flutter

Behdad Bijan, Appitude​

Android Developer, Appitude​

Working with

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